The Laboratory
Laboratories The DNA Extraction laboratory contains 
centrifuges, chemical  hoods, microscopes, 
and all other necessary laboratory equipment 
needed to carry out research and casework. Thermocyclers are one of the principal
instruments used in a forensic laboratory.  
Using  the PCR process, billions of copies of DNA 
are made, which allow scientists to analyze and 
compare different individuals' genetic material.
The Teaching Laboratory  is where students learn
about and practice a wide variety of serological
and DNA profiling techniques.
PCR Laboratory
DNA Extraction Laboratory
Teaching Laboratory
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Among the many features of the
Bio-Rad iQ5 Real-time PCR Detection
System is that it allows easy
quantitation of sample DNA using 5
dye fluorescence analysis.
The Applied BioSystems 3500 Genetic 
Analyzer: This eight capillary machine
 is used to perform a variety of 
functions, including short tandem repeat 
(STR) analysis and mitochondrial DNA 
sequencing. The Qiaigen Pyromark 24: Performs fast 
sequencing assays, along with 
single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).
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